The Challenge

You are here, either through sheer curiosity about our website or by purchasing a HEXBUG Nano.

Both have led you to a most interesting place.

You are invited to accept a challenge like nothing you’ve experienced before. You’ll be asked to prove your mettle through a series of puzzles, games and quizzes, asking you to draw on your knowledge, logic, and powers of observation.

Your host: the Hand & Stars—a society dedicated to human progress through scientific advancement. As we have through history, we are looking to the next generation of bright young minds to solve scientific challenges of the day.

Including, perhaps, you.

And the reward--for a select few--will be an apprenticeship in the Hand & Stars itself.

We promise an interesting journey for anyone willing to take it.

So, welcome to The Challenge.

Think. Solve. And if you have what it takes, belong.

What Is The Hand & Stars

We are a society dedicated to human progress by advancing scientific knowledge and technology.

We do not seek notoriety because over many years’ time, we’ve found that our work is best conducted quietly and discreetly.

Through the ages, some of the greatest names of science— Archimedes, DaVinci, Newton, Franklin, Edison—are alleged to have belonged.

Those are rumors we shall neither confirm nor deny in this forum.

Suffice to say that the society’s treasury of knowledge is reserved for members only.

For the interested, we will share the meaning of our symbology:
The fingers of the hand represent individuals and their works. The hand itself joined the fingers together and demonstrated that efforts are more powerful than singular works. It also represented knowledge “handed down” from one generation to the next.

Classically, the number five represented vitality, enjoyment, creativity, invention, and possibility—keys to scientific inquiry. The stars were seen as gifts of scientific knowledge—dazzling, illuminating, always within sight, challenging humankind to reach out to them.

Hand & Stars – A guide to the site and The Challenge.

The Hand & Stars site is divided into several sections and consists of varying components.

Main Page – use the navigational elements to explore the site and its contents. Here, you’ll discover information about the five major tenets of the Hand & Stars’ philosophy, as well as the great scientific minds associated with each of the tenets.

Lumens / Stellas – Lumens are awarded for various activities around the site and accumulating them will help you advance through the levels of The Challenge. Stellas are awarded for completing specific tasks on the site. Both can be viewed via the trophy case.

Nano Factory – The game may be accessed from the main page, The objective is to use your mold to build your HEXBUG Nano and the exit the factory flow in as few moves as possible – earning Stellas and Lumens along the way. Solutions may be easy, but finding the perfect combination of moves to earn gold and silver status will test your problem-solving skills.

IQ Test – This trivia challenge is a great way to learn more about those who have come before and helped to shape the society. Check back often for new questions.

HEXBUG Collection - enter the Unique Code found on the instruction sheet inside your HEXBUG Nano for it to show up in your online Nano collection.

These are just a few of the elements the site has to offer. Explore on your own to find the other secrets hidden here.